We can offer all or part of these services, regardless of the size of project, to ensure high quality service and customer satisfaction


  • – Arrange a first meeting with client at your convenience.
  • – Discuss your priorities and any technology you may already be interested in.
  • – Inform you of any products of which you may be unaware, but which we feel may be of interest.
  • – Create an initial budget document to your requirements and agree our service fees.


  • – Create a system proposal and design based on the initial consultations.
  • -Arrange a further meeting to explain the proposed system and answer any questions.
  • – Make any further changes and then signoff on the final systems.
  • -Create a fully specified system plan with wiring plans, conduit plans and schematics as necessary.
  • -Send design out to tender either to your or our recommended sub-contractors.


  • -Co-ordinate work with any contractors that may be on site.
  • – Regular site visit to inspect cables (1st fix).
  • – Mange all documentation such as Change orders and Drawing revisions with regular site meetings
  • – Project manage any design changes with updated drawings and change orders as needed.
  • – Connect, program and commission the full systems using our specialist engineers.
  • – Produce final as built drawings and end user manuals.
  • – Fully explain and demonstrate the system to client along with training of local staff.


  • -Manage any warranty repairs
  • -Create service contracts for clients.

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