Home Networking

When our clients talk to us about a network in the home, fast web access, email and sharing it are the most common requests. A home network is great for this and can do so much more. The home network is becoming commonplace and the possibilities it opens up are huge

Home Working

Many people work from home or want to have the flexibility to work from home sometimes. They want to have access to the web and email wherever they are in their house – or garden, yet they don’t want the house to look like an office. A well planned home network can give you all the functionality, but no clutter and no wires and it can be simple to use. And with a reliable fast and secure internet connection it’s possible to access the data on your machines even when you’re away from home. No more issues with forgetting that file.

Web and email access for the whole family

Maybe you’ve got more than one computer – one in the study, one or more in the Kids’ rooms, a laptop. A network means everyone can share broadband and web access and it means you don’t have your phone tied up for hours on end. While Broadband growth in Thailand may have been slow connection speeds are rising while prices fall. Broadband changes the way you use and view the internet and a network makes it simple to share


The explosive growth of personal digital music players like Apple's Ipod and the popularity of digital cameras for photos and video mean many people now have growing libraries of digital media. Too often this library is locked away on a PC away from the rest of the house.

A home network means this need no longer be tied to that PC in the office but accessed where you want in the home and watched or listened to away from the PC on your main TV or using your living room Hi Fi.

Digital music can be streamed to any room in the house. Photos can be enjoyed in the living room on a large screen. Games consoles like Microsoft's XBox 360 are tapping into the power of networking to deliver entertainment content from Media Centre PCs. The network now sits at the heart of the integrated home.

We help take the mystery out of networking. We listen to what you want, explain what you can do and design a network capable of meeting your requirements now - and expanding to meet your requirements in the future