A good security system offers peace of mind as it helps protect the things that are precious to you, your family, your possessions and your personal safety. We will enhance your security options and offer a level of interactive control not available in standalone systems.

A TechWorX enhanced security system will allow you to activate your entire system, lock or unlock doors and gates, illuminate a darkened area to improve visibility, monitor your home’s entry points and grounds, authorise entry to your home and unlock a door. You can view the pool area or check any room in the house covered by CCTV – in fact anywhere you have a camera installed. Our systems let you view them from the comfort of your own desk, television screen…even from your laptop a half a world away.

Our lighting control systems have features that can help maximise home protection and safety by programming a full house of lights when the alarm is triggered and at the same time selected curtains and blinds can automatically open exposing any intruder … this is only one of the many options that can be considered and tailored for your home