Master control systems are the brain of a complete integrated AV and automation solution, serving as the central processor and I/O interface. Every audio, video, and environmental element of the home becomes integrated and accessible through the master control system. No matter how complex or basic, for every application, our control systems are entirely custom-programmable to attain the exact functionality required

Apple iPad and iPhone Integration & Distribution

The Apple iPad and iPhone allow the same device to control the home and distribute digital media. The HD touch screen allow easy control of the home including source selection, volume control, lighting, climate, blinds, and security. We are experts in integrating the iPad and iPhone with any or all home AV or automation systems and can custom design the user interface to your exact needs

Apple iPod Integration & Distribution

Our systems enable you to seamlessly distribute the contents of your iTunes music collection around the home. We offer a variety of iPod docking stations from table mount through to wall mount. This allows your music to be instantly available anywhere in the home without messy cables. Our docking stations enable you to enjoy the same music in the home as on the move!