The Smart home experience is designed to enhance and compliment your lifestyle giving you the time and freedom to enjoy your home to the fullest. You should love to be at home in comfort, style and safety.

TechworX lets you indulge in luxury with a single touch of a button. Imagine having access to all your favourite music, TV or movie collections wherever you are in your home all from one simple to use control whether it be your iPhone, remote control or touch panel!

Smart home systems monitor indoor and outdoor air temperatures and humidity adjusting blinds, air-con and lights according to time of day and light conditions to minimize energy consumption.

You can monitor and control your air-con, lighting and security even when you’re away by sending a text or mail your house a simple command to set your home environment to exactly how you’d like it. Energy management systems will monitor and control your power use conserving energy and save up to 40% on your electricity bills.


Automatic security systems where any alarm whether smoke, water or intruder will trigger a siren, turn all the lights in the house on and call to your mobile or send you an email.

Most importantly you can manually do all these things and override any operation or schedule using your iPhone, iPad, touch screen, laptop or home PC.

Whether you’re interested in getting the most from your entertainment systems – photos, music, DVD & Satellite, developing a better environment for your home-cinema, controlling your home environment – lighting, air-con, hot water and security – through integrated systems monitoring and controlling your home when you’re away Smart Homes can be all of this and more.

We believe there are two important things to bear in mind. You want your Smart Home to adjust to your lifestyle, and you want it to look like an integrated piece of design rather than afterthought.

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