We make things work the way you want them to!

TechWorX specialize in the design and integration of state of the art home automation, audio visual, security, electrical and lighting systems.

With our experience and knowledge we deliver the best solutions to give you total control of your own living space, fully integrated and accessible from anywhere, not just in your home but also from your mobile devices.

We also specialize in making this technology invisible, intelligent and above all simple to use.

TechWorX work with your builder, electricians, interior designer and architect from the beginning of the project to ensure perfect integration.

We believe that anyone in your home should be able to select their favorite music from your music collection, or watch their favorite movie or TV program anywhere in the house. You should be able to adjust the lighting ‘just so’ to really show off the decor of your beautiful home.

You should be comfortable and secure in your home, it should be simple to adjust the air con anywhere in the house, see who’s at the door and remain in-touch with the outside world via the Internet.

The devices you use to control the system should be easy to use and attractive items in their own right. Our solutions are designed to enhance your lifestyle and help you get the most out of your home.

Future Proofing your home… is it smart home ready?

At nominal cost your luxury dream home can and should be pre-wired to give you the option to have a system installed. In an ideal world your developer would have made provision for this. A luxury car comes with the option to be upgraded and fully loaded…Why shouldn’t your home !! Ask your developer, architect and interior designer if your home will be smart home ready and future-proof.

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